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Photographic moments, captured in colorful threads

Photo embroideries eStitch need to be touched. Color transitions, soft shading, the playful glimmer of light in the reflections of intertwining threads, and the warm texture of embroidery - all these qualities transform any picture, photograph or graphic into a piece of art, which really comes to life on the wall. The threedimensional quality of color threads creates the effect of a living picture, appearing different from a different point of view.


Since eStitch was created with photography in mind, we invited several accomplished photographers, such as Steve McCurry, Chris de Bode, Aleš Bravničar, Jarmo Pohjaniemi ... This collaboration created several amazing photo embroideries, which are pieces of art in the true meaning of the word. You can visit us at our Gallery Ercigoj and see all the photo embroideries in person, or you can see them in detail with our Deep Zoom tool right here.


In a few weeks, your photo can become an embroidered piece of art and a lasting memory. Unique, as it is created from your own life. Precious, because it holds your dearest memories and of those closest to you. It can also be a unique gift, forever carrying the memories of people and events that marked your life. There is only one life - it deserves its own wall.




What is eStitch?

eStitch are embroidered pictures, created with the eStitch technique, which we stretch over a wooden frame and frame with a decorative frame of your choice. They are ideal as pieces of art to hang on your appartment or office walls.

eStitch is an innovative technology, developed in the company Ercigoj so that any photo or picture could easily be transferred into embroidery. eStitch is also an embroidery technique, allowing the interweaving of thread layers, color transitions, soft shadows and photo effects such as Depth Of Field.

How to choose the right motif?

We can reproduce both very colorful and black and white motifs. An excellent choice are portraits, landscapes, nature, animals, even artistic photos and drawings.

As the resolution of an embroidered picture is smaller than the resolution of a photo, motifs with a technical note are less suitable, especially when they require precise, defined lines and sharp edges.

4 steps to your own eStitch Canvas

  1. Upload a photo or send it to us via e-mail. It can be a digital photo or a scanned image.
  2. Take our web designer tool for a test drive to get a feeling of how your eStitch Canvas might look like. Choose the size of your Canvas which suits your wishes. Don't worry, toying around with our web designer tool is fun and free!
  3. If you wish, you can choose a decorative frame.
  4. Choose the method of payment and you can immediately place an order. To produce and deliver your Canvas, we will need approximately 3 weeks.

If you need any kind of help or tips concerning the designer tool, or with choosing the right motif, we are happy to help. Use the contact form on the right.

eStitch facts:

  • Resistant to water, moisture, dust, it will not fade with time
  • Every embroidery is done with several thousand stitches (even over a million)
  • We use over 500 different thread colors
  • We use threads, made from the finest viscose, allowing us to produce detailed, high-resolution embroidery.
  • A long lasting product
  • We need approximately 3 weeks to produce and deliver one eStitch Canvas picture (up to 60x50 cm)
  • It is possible to make pictures larger than 60x50 cm. Contact us by using the Contact form!

eStitch embroidery

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